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Develop routines and rituals to help you stay grounded and do your best.

As a busy go-getter it can be challenging to stay balanced in all of the major areas of your life. Maybe you’re exercising and practicing yoga regularly, but your relationships are a bit rocky. Or maybe your relationships are doing great, but you feel mentally taxed and not getting enough restorative rest.

We’ll work together to develop meaningful well-being routines and rituals so you can feel mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally balanced.

Holding Hands


Many people have had some form of traditional therapy, and know there is more work to be done. Something to supplement or compliment their therapy.

Perhaps you're a parent who is looking to break patterns in your behavior with your kids and establish a more compassionate connection with your children, or you've made great progress with a business or a project but are feeling stuck.

Through a blend of focused, inquisitive conversation, mindfulness techniques and somatic practices we'll gain deeper awareness of challenges and solutions with your mind and in your body, build your capacity to take on life, and expand your potential.

Group Therapy


A variety of unique exercises in half-day and whole-day workshops to get you in tune with your body and energy as well as connect with yourself and others in ways you likely never have before.

Great for dancers, yogis, martial artists, and people who want to deepen their presence in their body, as well as have more authentic movement and expression. 

These are powerful experiences on their own, and particularly so for people who are also practicing Somatic Experiencing with me.

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